The Great Divide

Gameplay Rules
An introduction to the rules of the game

Hey everybody, time for the first post of the upcoming campaign!

So, I’ve DM’d a few times before, still don’t really consider myself experienced, but I’m hoping to give you all a fun game to take up time since we all will be between campaigns. Bear with me, because DMing is always a learning experience.

This post will primarily focus on rules and gameplay restrictions in the upcoming campaign. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to talk to me in person, via email, or in the comment section below. I will make sure you all have accounts that are linked to the campaign page soon.


  • We are playing by the Pathfinder ruleset. Please use the d20pfsrd for rule references.
  • Favored class bonus is NOT interchangeable per level. You can pick either +1 HP or +1 SP.
  • Aside from racial weapon proficiencies, we are going by Weapon Group Proficiencies.
  • For HP, you will roll 2 hit die and take the higher. Must be done with DM supervision.
  • All characters automatically have Point Blank Range and Weapon Finesse as feats.
  • This is a semi-magical campaign. We are going by High Fantasy ability point allocation.
  • Knowledge skills cost 1/2 of a skill point, to raise a rank.
  • I am implementing reward gems as a roleplaying incentive. I will update their uses in the future.
  • Starting gold is the average for your class at level 1 times 2. You may spend over your starting gold, when preparing your character, but then you start the game in debt, twice what you spent. I must approve this before you do it. Leftover gold is pocketed by your character.
  • I am working on some new ideas with professions and crafts. Avoid adding skill points into those for now.
  • Core races only, with the exception of Half-Elves (they do not exist) and Gnomes, unless you have a very well thought out backstory and character concept.
  • Core classes only, unless you have a very well thought out backstory and character concept, pending my approval.

The Setting

This campaign is meant to be an easy-going adventure. I want this to be fun and light-hearted. I am doing things a bit different in my planning, and trying to give the players more freedom in this game. Multiple paths will often be available, and there will be no going back to make another choice. You will miss quests! I want actions and decisions to have a more profound effect than they did in my last campaign.

The main setting for the campaign takes place on the planet Terra. This is the same world that my last campaign, The Wayfarer’s Inn, ran in. More information will be provided soon, in a new blog post.

For now, I would like all interested players to produce character concepts and send them to me. Do not worry about the lore for the world as of right now. I want to see what you guys want in your characters, and I will do my best to accommodate or fit that in. If any changes are necessary to your concepts, I will discuss that with you on personally.


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